2 bugs: min-width doesn't work and useless first level container is obligatory

Hi Ian.

I have two problems with a simple code.

  1. min-width doesn’t work as expected. It’s goes to the endless loop.
    Builder - HaxeUI

  2. Is there a reason why should I have an extra container to make layout work properly?
    Builder - HaxeUI
    I would have like this, but it doesn’t work as expected
    Builder - HaxeUI

Thanks in advance.
With best regards.

Hello :slight_smile:

So min / max width have some issues that still need to be resolved, ive been meaning to pencil in some time to sort them once and for all, but havent managed yet.

As for your other links the reason is simply that the MainView.hx is extending from VBox, not HBox:

This means that, even if you use hbox as the root in the xml, it will effectively be an vbox… if you change the class to extend HBox then everything should work as you expect.


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Thanks for your prompt response. It would be great to see a solution for max-width and min-width, as it’s very useful feature, especially in complex layouts.