A massive newb here


I’m quite new to Haxe, and I think I’ve covered most of the Haxe programming language itself. (I think, haven’t touched macros though, scary stuff)

I’m planning on making a game for android.

My plan is to make something using haxeui-html5 first, since I thought it would be easier to test stuff using the browser. Then move it over to android.

The thing is, I have no idea how to move it over.

I managed to to make something with haxeui-html5:

  1. Started with the template, haxelib run haxeui-core create html5.
  2. Made a few clickable boxes.
  3. Build. & it shows in the browser just fine.

It’s the android part I’m stuck at.
1.I tried starting with the template haxelib run haxui-core create android
2.But when I tried to build it, I got a Library haxeui-android is not ins talled : run 'haxelib install haxeui-android'
3.But running that command gave me Error: Failed with error: No such Project : haxeui-android
4.Then I got haxeui-android from git, but I have no idea where to put the directories. Tried putting it in C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib where the other libs are && trying in the working directory, gave the same Error when trying to build it.

I thought about OpenFL & Kha, but I understand there’s another process when trying to get those over to android too.

If someone could point me in the direction on where to go, I’d greatly appreciatetd it!

Sorry for the noob question. :pensive:
And sorry, if this isn’t the place to post this.

Hi sorry for the late reply, I completely missed this!

So you’ll want to install haxeui-android from git via haxelib:

haxelib install haxeui-android https://github.com/haxeui/haxeui-android

The should get you going - keep in mind that this version will change quite drastically soon(ish) as this current version is using hxJava rather than the newer jvm version, unfortunately i hit issues with the haxe bytecode generator that stopped me working on these - these issues seemed to be fixed in the very latest haxe, so hopefully ill be able to continue again soon!


EDIT: android using kha and openfl should also be pretty straight forward, for openfl i think you could just do “openfl test android” and for kha i think “haxlib run haxeui create kha android” should work (iirc)