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This is my first post here. Not only am I new here to HaxeUI but also OpenFL and Haxe. I have been doing mobile application development for the past 4 years now. I started with Native Android and iOS to Javascript with Cordova and more recently I have tried out Xamarin and Flutter.

I initially tried to get the native-android backend to work for HaxeUI but I received errors when attempting to download haxeui-android. I settled on OpenFL with the added benefit it has multiple platform support but I find the android build to be rather slow.

Is there anyway I could speed up my workflow? Should I be targeting html5 and only building for Android occasionally for testing? Is there a hot reload for UI design?

Thank you and I would like to say I am really impressed with Haxe and the recent release of HaxeUI.


So yeah, android build speed is always going to be a pretty slow. I think your best bet (when using openfl) is as you said, to test with html5, then deploy to the device “when ready” - its not ideal and there isnt any hot reloading in haxeui, or openfl (or many / any haxe frameworks afaik). Hot reloading is something that would be super useful though - just need to think about if its even possible for some of the haxe targets (ie, hxcpp - my initial suspicion is that it isnt)

For native android you’ll have to use the git version for now as there is no haxelib release. The reason being as that i am in the process of migrating it to the new haxe jvm target (rather than the hxJava target) but there were some niggly issues with haxe than needed to be ironed out (which were fixed an age ago)

Im hoping to make haxeui 1.3 all about mobile (including an official haxelib release of haxeui-android) - still not sure what to do about native ios, it seems its technically feasible using hxcpp but i have no experience with anything ios… and dont even own a device so will need to sort that before i can start in vain. So maybe haxeui-ios will be pushed back a release.



Thanks for the information Ian.

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I appear to be experiencing issues with the html5 build. From the browser console window I have an error that lime is not defined. I built using openfl test html5.

Any ideas?


Please disregard. It works just fine using the haxeui-html5.

So all working now? What was the issue?