Are there any chances to use Haxe-ui in other languages

Hi I know this is not a logical question as Haxe-ui name is itself having Haxe.
But it will be very useful if any port of haxe-ui will be available in other languages like C++,C# , Java or Python.
I am highly impressed by the work of creator of Haxe-ui and its contributors.
Haxe-ui is amazing library but its ports should be available for other languages as not all developers know Haxe properly.
I am asking to the team of Haxe-ui that are there any chanches for Haxe-ui to work as library for other languages.
This has occured with JavaFx when it was changed to TornadoFx.
Everyone will highly praise if this great library will be available for developer who are un-familier to Haxe.
Can we utilize the power of Haxe to transpile the Haxe-ui Library to other languages.
Thanks for any help

Hi :wave:

Its an interesting question, one i’ve considered myself a few times. I think it varies greatly depending on the haxeui backend. For example, i think haxeui-html5 would be “doable”… something like haxeui-hxwidgets, or haxeui-openfl (native) would be alot more complex.

Haxe is very good at transpiling, but consuming that code from that language can be laborious in my experience. For example, if you create a dll with hxcpp (which in itself can be a battle), then consuming that dll from a c++ app can cause all types of headaches, especially since hxcpp has its own GC which can cause all sorts of problems for anything that isnt trivial.

Out of curiosity what backend did you have in mind while thinking about this? Also, i guess the most important question is “would it actually have any value”, i mean, lets say you could use haxeui-html5 from js / ts… would people actually use it, or would it just be a maintenance burden? Im not sure myself.


If you become successful in doing so you might have made a library which is 100 times more powerful Fyne library there are very few libraries like it and due to its rareness It has become very famous and attracted lot of contributors.
As you are using a XML-DOM based method this feature library will be even more functional both in Use of DOM and lot of components.
Other libraries for C++ like Dear-Imgui and other are even not comparable in front of this.
You have created this Library who can better understand than you how its logic can be used to transform it into a library for other Languages.

I think best will be to make it for Haxeui-raylib not haxeui-HTML5

I think you should Make it for LibGDX as it support all platforms.
or you might think to consider to use Allegro .

I don’t know the logic of how Haxe-ui work I would have know I must have helped.