Backend with Windows WinUI3?

I was wondering if it is possible through hxWidgets to access WinUI3 components?
I do understand that hxWidgets currently doesn’t support it, but can it be implemented?
Or does this need a completely new backend for use of these components?

And are there any plans on trying to support WinUI3 as a backend or through the hxWidgets if possible?

I do really like the modern look and component set from WinUI3 so would be awesome if HaxeUI is planning on this for a modern look to windows application.

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So, its a great idea, one that i investigated a while back. The first thing is that wxWidgets (and therefore by extension hxWidgets) doesnt support WinUI, so that avenue would be a no go.

Writing externs for WinUI3 seems like it would be the best approach (and then create a new backend out of that), but i dont think its for the feint or heart - the c++ looks pretty complex and not even sure if hxcpp could handle it. Another option would be to use c# and haxe’s c# target (like winforms)… but im not sure how much life there is left in hxcs, i know, for example, they arent adding new features

So on the whole, i think winui3 c++ externs would be the way to go here, but i havent even tried to setup a “hello world” from haxe to even show how that would fit together… maybe you have?


Thanks for the answer about the possibilities on this.
Unfortunately, I´m most likely not a good enough programmer to figure this one out.
I did take a look at the API and how wxWidgets was done but as you said it´s look very complex for a beginner programmer like me.

Thanks for this quick reply.

Today is the day i come back to haxe and also to haxeui-core.
Because of the company I was forced to do other things.
I like C# backend from haxe. Because here you have not only the power of haxe but also of c# (will test winforms tomorrow).
While I’m at it tomorrow:
You can download nuget packages manually and unpack them: NuGet Gallery | Microsoft.UI.Xaml 2.8.2 (v2) (
Maybe it is enough to tell haxe to load the DLL. This function offers haxe as far as I know. Then a backend would also be possible. (perhaps these can be integrated also directly in winform?).
Here would be the v3 (Installieren von Tools für das Windows App SDK - Windows apps | Microsoft Learn)
This is unfortunately included in the SDK. There you have to download the whole package first.

Hey! Welcome back!

I have thought about it, and c# would probably be the most ideal route, the problem i have is that hxcs is in maintenance mode. Which means any bugs (new or old) wont be fix (as far as i understand), and also, iirc, there are bugs currently in hxcs that are just not going to be fixed. It makes we weary of the hxcs target.


@ianharrigan Unfortunately, this is a problem. But I am also honest about that. I would have real problems with it if hxcs no longer exists and is removed. I hope it will never come to that.
C++ is fine. But for desktop applications on a Windows machine C# is essential.
Especially because of the winapi and com interfaces and other accesses. You just don’t want to do that in C++. That would be really unmaintainable.