Builder not starting on Firefox

Hello Haxers,

I tried to run the builder on my preferred browser (Firefox latest on iPad and macOS) and it gives a very mysterious error message about being unable to load the ˋMain.js` file for it (at I tried without the Firefox shield and without my ad blocker and it gives the same mysterious error: the browser still manages to get the file but there are no additional errors in the console. Am I the only FF user who tried to use the builder and failed or is this a fluke somewhere in the pipes?

Thanks for all the great stuff still!

Can you try that again? Should be working now… not sure if its the server itsself or the webserver, but it seems every week or so something really strange happens and images and .js files dont get loaded anymore… anyway, let me know if that works!


Yes, it’s back! :slight_smile: Thanks for the very fast reply!

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