Colorpicker is so cpu intensive

hi, sorry for posting so much, Im new to haxeui.

anyways, i noticed that when i use colorpicker in haxeui-openfl and debug it in hashlink, it is unbearably slow. when i debug it on the web or other platforms it is faster, but still very slow.

i noticed that native html5 implementation for haxeui makes the colorpicker way faster like the examples on the web. but i cant use electron for my project because it relies heavily on core openfl features like bitmap drawing.

is there any way I can make a colorpicker that is fast on openfl, maybe tweaking the built in color picker for openfl? note that when I shift the colorpicker in openfl, it can make the cpu go up to 21%

Under the hood color picker uses the haxeui canvas (and its set pixels property), my guess is that there is a bug in there - ill check it out.


Do you have some more info here? What version of haxeui, haxe, openfl, etc… what openfl target? Ive just tested it this end and it seems totally fine on hxcpp (windows) and js (browser). Is there something specific you are doing?

Hashlink had the most slow colorpicker. I tested it on windows and js, and it was average slow. I just wanted a colorpicker to select colors.

can you send me like a compiled app or something? Like zip up your output dir and send it over… for me pickers on all targets are totally fine and i dont see any spìke in CPU usage

One thing i just noticed is the debug and release builds have a huge difference in performance. Are you building with debug by any chance? Is release any different?