Cross platform syntax / code editor

So ive been messing around with way to syntax highlight on both html5 and desktop, and have come up with a “code editor” lib… Ill release this lib shortly (it wont be part of haxeui-core) but i thought i would share some images real quick :slight_smile:

Its early days, no custom languages (ahem! haxe!) and not intellisense, etc - but at this stage i just wanted to see if it was doable - which it is!

Full image:


I saw your posts and found it really interesting. I looked up Scintilla, it could be a candidate to have it as a haxelib without the need to use with wxWidget; It’s on a bigger order of complexity then what is done now because we would need to wrap the scintilla native code with haxe externs and to have it available from js we would need to write an emscripten definition. But it could be doable to have scintilla across the board. For now, both solutions you already implemented are interesting and I plan to use the monaco one in a pet project. Thank you for all your great work !