Dialog problems on OSX

I tried Dialog too.

This is the new problems I found (on OSX only?)

1/ layout of custom button

buttons = DialogButton.CANCEL | “Custom Button” | DialogButton.APPLY;

draws “Custom button” at the wrong position

2/ unable to translate buttons
I tried to set buttons using

buttons = “oui” | “non”;

but Haxe complains :

/views/OpenProjectDialog.hx:21: characters 19-24 : String should be Int
/views/OpenProjectDialog.hx:21: characters 27-32 : String should be Int/views/OpenProjectDialog.hx:21: characters 9-32 : Int should be haxe.ui.containers.dialogs.DialogButton

while it"s ok with

buttons = DialogButton.CANCEL | “oui” | “non”;

even if (cf 1/), the 2 custom buttons are locked at (0,0)

3/ addComponent
if I use @build macro, nothing will appears on the dialog (see below)
But if on the constructor new() I add these lines

var l:Label = new Label();
l.text =“it only works this way”; //it won’t work with a empty label

it’s ‘better’ but with a problem with the custom button


added error samples on https://bitbucket.org/WillNa/haxeui-bugs

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Nice one thanks.