Dropdown Item Styling

Is there a way to easily style the dropdown items without using a custom renderer?

I just want to make the font-size of the dropdown items bigger (I’ve changed the font-size of the dropdown itself, but the items don’t match it).

Something like this: http://haxeui.org/builder/?shaicm?

I do wonder if it would be neater for the dropdown handler / list to inherit certain styles from the dropdown button though (like font size for example)?


Hm, the only problem with this is I’m using coconut.ui, so all my mark-up is inline (so, the haxeui xml parser isn’t running, and I’m not 100% sure how to apply stylesheets to components without using xml).

I think making it inherit certain style attributes would be nice, but I wonder if that would break a lot of people’s UIs.

Ill have a think about the inherting of styles, it might make sense - just not sure yet. In the mean time you can add style sheets from code using:

Toolkit.styleSheet.parse(".something { ... }");

(or use a theme in a module.xml)

Cheers, Ian