ERROR: no backend specified Improvement

It would be Really Good if the Error message listed all the available Backend names.

Better error msg:
ERROR: no backend specified. Please use 1 of: html5 | hxwidgets | openfl | nme | pixijs | kha | winforms | android | flixel | electron | qt

Spent some time trying to get heaps to work and then saw Heaps was not in supported list of haxeui-core Backends.


Valid point, i actually thought heaps did have a tempate setup


EDIT: yeah, it does it likely you are using a haxelib version that is a little behind - ill make a update to haxelib later today.

OK, ive improved the error message(s):

Ive also made a haxelib 1.1.3 release

I am using Haxe 4.1.3 and the Haxelib version is 4.0.2

So new Haxelib 1.1.3 release you did is up to Date or better than 4.0.2 ?

IF so, how exactly do I get Haxelib 1.1.3 (I am using Windows) ?

Ah, i bet you are trying to use an old iteration haxeui (so called legacy)?

the newer iteration of haxeui isnt called “haxeui” on haxelib (thats an older, non supported version) - the new haxeui is called “haxeui-core”. This guide should help you get going: