Event bubbling up to parent

Long story short
I have an onclick event for a container
If I click on a child(with background) of this container the event is fired.
trace(event.bubble) is false

Is there a way to avoid it ? AM I doing something (logically speaking) wrong ?

I guess I’ve found something similar to my issue here : TableView with more headerrows - #6 by ianharrigan

You can cancel the event so it won’t bubble. With event.cancel(); if I remember well.

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Yeah, as rationaldecay mentioned, i think event.cancel() is what you are after, assuming im understanding what you mean ofc.


Well … in fact I didn’t explained it very well :grin:

the problem is that I have this situation

VBOX -> onClick event handler
|__IMAGE (no event handler)

If I click on IMAGE, the VBOX handler fires

So actually I cannot event.cancel it or at least not as it is, I should add an onclick handler on IMAGE

I would like the VBOX handler to fire only clicking on the container (empty) body
without having to add event.cancel() to all the other children, updating or creating an onClick handler

Just an additional info (pretty obvious … to be fair :grin: )

When I release the Slider handle, the the Container’s onClick handler fires, trying to use event.cancel() inside a onDragEnd handler doesn’t seem to prevent the onClick to fire

testing this I’ve also found a slider glitch.
The onclick handler hides the container. If this happen while dragging, the slider looks like this once shown again


the value is set but the handler is on “0” position

will look at these, and some of the sidebar ones, tomorrow


So, ignoring the slider issue (for now), and back to the original issue:

Why do you have an onclick handler in your vbox? Can you explain your use case? Or even better a small sample showing what you are trying to do and how its not working?


You can check the project I shared some days ago.

Schermata 2021-05-31 alle 19.52.48

Clicking the green bg should open a detail view
If you click on the red dot or on the switch (that should be disabled) it opens the detail view too, and it shouldn’t imho.
The problem is that when the switch is enabled, clicking on it to select/deselect open the detail view too

the image (red dot) doesn’t have any onclick handler, so I cannot .cancel()
the switch, of course has it

Hope I explained a bit well :grin:

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gotcha… ill have a play… thanks, that makes it much more clear (sorry, forgot there was an example already :slight_smile: )

EDIT: i wonder if slider (and image etc) should “consume” the click - ill have a think

You need to pull it as I’ve sent the “onclick” changes today

well, generally speaking, I don’t expect the event to be inherited by the children

Just a note.
There’s a paradox here. :slight_smile: If you remove the “background-color” from the container (vbox) the handler runs only clicking on the children :grin:

You need to pull it as I’ve sent the “onclick” changes today

Its fine, i understand the issue completely now, so i can always roll out my own test app

well, generally speaking, I don’t expect the event be inherited by the children

That sounds sensible, but wonder if there are edge cases, i dont think cancelling all events makes sense (maybe it does???)

There’s a paradox here. :slight_smile: If you remove the “background-color” from the container (vbox) the handler runs only clicking on the children

Thats an openfl thing… its modeled after flash, and there you dont get mouse events for things that dont have backgrounds, so to get a mouse event, you’ll need to have a drawn something into it… … … … this actually infuriates me tbh, its caught me loads of times - i think (personally) the original flash behaviour is… … strange, though i guess i get it

Anyways, the original issue is deeper than that, i guess (though not confirmed) that it would also happen on any backend as it is (i feel) a haxeui “thing”

Yep, I know, that’s in fact a design decision.
Maybe the event “cloning” can be avoided if the child already has an handler for the same event (like the switch)
Or maybe, adding a property in the xml to avoid bubbling if not needed ? I don’t know, just brainstorming here :slight_smile:

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Yeah, im sure there is an easy “elegant” solution… we just need to try to think of one that isnt really a compromise - thankfully this is all haxeui-core, so it should be something that, as a lib, we have total control over. The simple fact is that, as you have noticed, a click on a button in a box with a click handler shouldnt trigger the click on the box… … actually, now i think about it… im pretty sure itemrenderers dont do that. Ill check them out.

EDIT: hmmm, ok, they work a little differently

Can you pull latest and let me know if that fixes it, ive come up with something but im not sure if its ill conceived or not.

I’ll try it later

Dont bother… :slight_smile:

Ive reverted the change, it was a bad change - ill keep thinking about it :wink:

Ok, no problem. Bad changes happen :grin:

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