Excluding default styles from embedding

Hi all,

In old versions of haxeui there was a possibility to exclude built-in styles and resources from a build

If you created your own style/theme from scratch and don’t want to include the built-in styles in your build result, specify the flag before the directive in your project configuration file.

Source: https://github.com/ianharrigan/haxeui

As I see, now it doesn’t work.
So, is there a such possibility in current version of haxeui?


Yeah, this is something ill defo look into, as you are the second person who has asking me about a similar thing. What i want to do, is to allow modules to overwrite (and essentially “unset”) parts of other modules. This would also include themes, and yeah, maybe a couple of command line flags too “-haxeui-minimal”, “-haxeui-no-script”, “-haxeui-no-default-theme” etc.

Ill try and get something going ASAP (probably this weekend).


Thanks for prompt reply.