Game Editor using HaxeUI

Hi all,

So I have some work to show; it’s a game editor for the armory3d game engine and for the 2d engine I will be developing. It started as a test, I wanted to see the extensibility of HaxeUI and as of now, I am pretty satisfied with the workflow of haxeui and how easy it makes developing UI applications. :slight_smile:

It’s made with the Kha backend to support the 2d engine and armory. If ever you have any comments feel free. Right now, the design is more emulated on tried and tested editors UI. Since the engines don’t necessarily conform to all common practices, this beast may look different in the end.


This is totally awesome and something along the lines of what I was eventually aiming to do. . . Looks like there’s a lot of Haxe-base game editors coming out and I can’t wait to see where they all go.

Yours is looking real nice!