Haxeui-core, haxeui-hxwidgets

My understanding is that I use the haxeui-core API to write HaxeUI apps (in my case, I’m interested in the haxeui-hxwidgets back-end).

But looking at the haxeui-hxwidgets readme, I see example code there for creating a haxeui-hxwidgets app:

static function main() {
    var app = new App();
    var frame:Frame = new Frame(null, "My App");
    frame.resize(800, 600);


What would be the rationale for doing that?

OK, so i think that readme was written (and not updated) when HaxeUIApp didnt exist. It needs to be updated, which i think in this case it either just removed, or updated using HaxeUIApp.

Good find, could confuse poeple.


But what I mean is, haxeui-hxwidgets appears to be glue between haxeui-core and hxWidgets, correct? So, is there any reason for HaxeUI users to be calling the haxeui-hxwidgets api?

Yup, thats right.

I depends really, i suppose if you wanted access to the underlying wx window, you would use the .window property, which of course, wouldnt exist for other backends. But generally the backend is a platform/framework specific implementation of “gaps” in haxeui-core

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