Haxeui-heaps - bugs

Using this sample - example

  1. Doesn’t work on mobile
  2. Clicking “Add button” doesn’t do anything, except console log:
haxe/ui/core/Component.hx:1394: Problem executing scriptlet: EUnknownVariable(add)
  1. Vizual issues with “Bitmap” buttons

Took latest git of heaps, haxeui-code and haxeui-heaps
Build script:

-cp src
-main Main

-lib haxeui-core
-lib haxeui-heaps
-lib heaps

-js build/html5/Main.js

Hmmm, i wonder if that example is bugged - ill check it out.

What about if you try haxlib run haxeui-core create heaps in an empty dir? (that should create a skeleton project)


I answered on the GH issue - but this should be fixed now (was a bug in the init order on haxeui-heaps)


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Script issue fixed, thanks! But touch and resizing still exist. I’ve created separate issue: