Haxeui-pdcurses - basic example?

How can i use it? Are there any examples somewhere? :slight_smile:
Trying to compile a test gives me the error :

haxeui-core\haxe/ui/Toolkit.hx:3: characters 7-37 : Type not found : haxe.ui.backend.ToolkitOptions

Yes, this fell out of sync with master. Also, switching to new-component-method branch here isnt going to be a help at the moment, as i have some changes that need to go into haxeui-core (new-component) first. Im trying to get them done asap. Ill take a look at seeing of fixing master is simple enough - is this the only backend you are interested in?


Cool! Pdcourses is brilliant for doing some cmd tools… But I’m very interested in the other backends too - especially windows, Air, OpenFL and hxwidgets… Oh and the QT backend and the android backend sounds really awesome… Are they usable yet? :sunglasses: