Haxeui - selectable text

I am learning HaxeUI by creating a hex-edit app, for that I want a multi line non editable selectable text component. How can I achieve that?

Also can I get the selection range?


Hi, sorry for the late reply - been super busy!

So, i dont think there is a non-editable selectable text component in haxeui. Though i wonder if a .selectable property would be a hard thing to implement for TextArea - i know for some backends it certainly wouldnt be, not so sure about others. What backend are you aiming to target?


I am using OpenFL backend,
As far as I remember when I was working as Flex developer I can achieve that my making TextArea
inputmode to none, selectable to true and editable to false.

OpenFL TextField has a function for that, just need to expose it in TextBase of HaxeUi-core. will change that and let you know if i faced any problem


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Sorry for the delay, been on holiday :slight_smile:

You may not need to expose it, you can access all the native (framework native) parts of a text field via:


Note that if you use that then you are linked to openfl, ie, .textField may no exist on other backends, but if it does, it certainly wont be the same type - still it may be good for testing and something we can expose in a more backend-neutral way.

Let me know how you get on