HaxeUI Suggestions: Links, Searchable Docs, FAQ, Generate UI without .XML files


On Website

  1. Really useful to have a Links page to projects that use HaxeUI.
    Especially links to open source projects.

Links to Examples

  1. Developer → left side
    haxe → ui

So at this point we see all the various HaxeUI class interfaces.
I think it would be useful if we could search for various strings found withing the interfaces.

  1. Web page or doc with Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I …
    Set Title of entire app
    and so on.

  2. links to Examples of Haxe code that builds HaxeUI components without needing ANY .xml files at runtime.

Hope this helps!


Good suggestions! Those seem like they would help a lot!

One thing in terms of docs or help that I have struggled with, but never mentioned it, was knowing what css styles are even available for a given component. I assume this information is somewhere, but I always struggle, so that might indicate it is not very discoverable, and maybe others also struggle.

I am a fan of making any of these things more discoverable.


This is a very valid point, and comes up often… I think it just needs to be documented per component as, really, any styles can be used for any component (there is nothing specific about “button” for example), of course though, not all styles make sense for all components - so thats where docs would probably be useful (as well as listing what class names / sub components are involved), something like this: Button - HaxeUI API Docs ?

I tend to just point people to the default theme style sheets: https://github.com/haxeui/haxeui-core/tree/master/haxe/ui/_module/styles/default , but of course, thats less than ideal.


And dont we also need good editor support? haxe ui XML has only a snippet plugin, but no syntax. And like what adam harte said, styling is complicated for xml

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