HaxeUI tutorial (documentation)?


A while ago I stumbled upon a link to an under-construction haxeui tutorial (or guide or manual?), the path to which I can now no longer find. Is there a public github/gitlab/sr.ht repo for it? Is it still under-construction?



The best tutorial info I found so far is this. Other then that you can read the source code for more examples of whats possible example Styles.hx that shows which css variables are accepted an what type they expect.


Thanks, mundusnine, though poking around there I’m not so sure how to find what to read. I’m finding many nested subdirs but no doc/md files.


Sadly, there aren’t textual tutorial versions for v2 but more code examples that you can read through. Sometimes in projects like haxeui it is easier to read source code.

If you don’t mind potentially learning something less current you can have a look at Kircode’s old blog that has haxeui tutorials.

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