How do i center a component without using verticalAlign and horizontalAlign?

I am trying to create a pixel editor where you can zoom in and out and it will change the position as well slightly just like a regular pixel editor. One of the many issues I have encountered is that there is no good way to align a component center, yet have the ability to move the component out of center.

Some of the methods I tried were:
moveComponent(parentComponent.x + parentComponent.width/2, parentComponent.y + parentComponent.height/2);

moveComponent(parent.left + parent.width/2, + parent.height/2);

none of these methods gave any errors, but the program just didnt align the component in the center.

the component i am trying to center is the black box, but it just rests in the topleft corner.

the problem is not the moveComponent() function because i could make the component dragable and use an eventhandler that moves the component when scrolling.

please help me

So the issue here is presumably the parent of the black box is a “box” or an “hbox” or something… these components components come with their own layouts that, for all intents and purposes, ignore left / top (what actually is happening is that your moveComponent is working, but it triggers and invalidate and the layout sets it back to where it was).

You might want your parent component to be an <absolute />:

Hope that helps!


many thanks!

it actually worked.

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