How to cancel onChange event


I’m having some trouble with text fields on property grid keeping the on change focus after i’ve manually set the values.
How can I make sure to stop all onChange or whatever other event to fire when updating text fields?
I’m using openFL.

Here is a .gif with the issue. Notice how the previous number i set on a object is passed to the next one after I select it and update the property grid with it’s new value. I’ve traced it out and the new values are being set but then right after something overwrites it with the value I previously entered.

Hmmm… looks strange, whats the component in that property grid? Is that a property grid?

It’s a normal Property component. I just added more stuff to it.
This is using the PropertyGrid.onChange event and those are int type fields.

Ill have a play, not sure when though, am totally snowed under at the moment

I found a workaround to this problem. Not pretty but does the job.
It’s very specific to what I’m doing so I doubt it would be of any help.

The underlying issue is still present but I guess not many people encounter this problem.