HTML in TextField and TextArea


I’m currently trying to make a small text area that contains code you can edit and also has syntax highlighting. I have something that sort of works with OpenFL, which takes the text, does some pattern matching to add font color tags, and replaces the htmlText whenever the text changes. But I got completely lost when I tried to do something similar with HaxeUI components, since it looks like I only have access to the raw text of a TextField/TextArea. Is there any way to access the html text property of these components, like how it’s possible for labels?

I’ve seen a few alternatives, such as using haxeui-html5 or haxeui-hxwidgets backends and using haxeui-code-editor, but I’d like to stick to the OpenFL backend since the project I’m making this for uses it.

Thanks in advance

You can access openfl’s textfield

As rationaldecay says, you can access the raw textfield (framework specific using the .getTextInput() call), i wonder if htmlText should also be exposed (like it is in Label)?

Also total side note, but if you manage to get a decent, shareable, code type editor i would love to add it to haxeui-code-editor for openfl :slight_smile: