HxWidgets Environnement

I have plenty of problems with haxe-widgets with segmentation faults ( but not with openfl), even with non custom components.
so I was thinking maybe I was not using the best version of wxwidgets. I compiled from the source.
So for those that are using hxwidgets, I was wondering which version you use ?

When you say compiling wxWidgets from source, what version do you mean? Also, what OS are you using? wx (and therefore hx) Widgets can be a pain… but i wouldnt expect alot of seg faults… do you have some small reproducible examples of what is dying? I can take a look this end and see if its any different.


Normally I’m using wx-widgets 3.1.4 ( at least wx-config tells me it’s 3.1.4)
haxe 4.1.2
I’m using Linux Ubuntu 16.04.

I had plenty of problems, mostly it was on kind of custom components.

But the latest one was on one of a very simple component. This one is easy to reproduce

Thread 1 “Main” received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x0000555555d7c74e in haxe::ui::components::Stepper_obj::set_max(Dynamic) ()

( Oh funny thing, when I’m not putting any max , the max is 100)
But I have really plenty of different segmentation errors. That’s why before posting about them. I want to be sure that I have a good environment.

Can you post you full project?

BTW, i usually use wxWidgets + hxWidgets from git source… are you using haxeui? (ie, haxeui-hxwidgets)?

yes I’m using haxeui.

For the switch , I’ve build a project only with a switch and it doesn’t work.
So the main view is

<hbox width="100%" height="100%">
<number-stepper pos="75000" step="10" width ="30%" max ="90000" />

and with the Main

class Main {

public static var mainView: Component;

public static function main() {
    var app = new HaxeUIApp();
    app.ready(function() {
        mainView= ComponentMacros.buildComponent("assets/main-view.xml");



That’s why I think there something wrong with my environment.