I wanna try haxeui

Hi there! Im using Openfl like 6 years now. But wanna try haxeui for a new Job:

  • Making a “trello like” board, list and items. Drag and drop, scrool system…
  • Every ítem will be a form with string and float, date datas.
  • need to use firebase.
  • some system like websocket for realtime refresh in haxe?
  • finally print those form.

It is posible to do a software like this using haxe/ openfl and haxeui these days?

From my current experience writing a large medical application with Haxe, OpenFL, and HaxeUI, I’d say it’s definitely possible these days. Haven’t messed with websockets in haxe personally, but I don’t see anything particularly blocking with what you’re proposing. My current use of HaxeUI touches a number of components and I have been super pleased.

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There is also this written using haxeui: https://demo.kaizenforpharma.com/KaizenInsightV2.aspx

And an internal app i wrote which i think might be pretty similar to what you are trying to do: https://vimeo.com/198850749

For websockets btw, you might want to consider: https://github.com/ianharrigan/hxWebSockets


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