I18n Branch Use?

This branch is 522 commits ahead, 29 commits behind master.

It looks like this is similar to the New component method

This branch is 504 commits ahead, 29 commits behind master.

because both of these branches have over 500 changes compared to the master branch.

My Haxe application requires i18n support in both Haxe and for output like GUI, Logs, etc.

What I can do:
Use a tool like KDiff3 (Difference and Merging tool)


I can locally on my own machine:
Download / unzip the Master
Download / unzip the i18n branch
Download / unzip the new-component-method branch

Merge all 3 and then try building with merged sources (could be impractical ?)
Only use i18n branch
Only use new-component-method branch
Something else you suggest ?

@ianharrigan, anyone ?
Looking for suggestions
Thanks for your input!

I believe this is a PR that is still outstanding, and i think, is compatible with new-component-method branch - https://github.com/haxeui/haxeui-core/pull/152 (though im not 100% sure about that). Maybe @aW4KeNiNG could shed some light?


Yes. The i18n branch is ready for the new-component-method branch :slight_smile:

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Ok, great… ive got some changes on my local machine at the moment (just moving stuff around really) - Most of the backends are done now, so will commit that soonish i hope, then, assuming no conflicts Ill take a look at this PR and merge.

Thanks Pablo! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the Info!