Import compatible skins repository? like flex skins

For rapid app development, it is very usefull to have several skins already available to import easily in a project.
do you already planed to be compatible (even partially) and able to import existing skin repository?
i am strongly thinking of adobe Fex skins. or maybe also simple css3 skins?
haxe and haxeUI have a lot to gain by leveraging the old content of adobe Flash and Flex, which is huge.

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Hi sebpatu,

Im not hugely familiar with flex, what are “flex skins”, css3 skins would be useful, the “problem” is that haxeui component set is quite specific, ie, its not a webpage, so its likely that any css skins will just refer to items and elements that simple dont exist.

Do you have some examples of css and flex skins of what you mean exactly? I agree it could be a useful think to try and support.


importing exisitng full css3 skins would be hard i know (but simple ones maybe, with a tool saying what is compatible and what is not, to make port easy),
but at least it is usefull to have a repository of compatible skins for haxeui, easy to browser and import from.
adobe flex is very close to haxeui, im very suprised you dont know that much flex, as it looked as if it was a huge influence :slight_smile:
the flex skins as only importable zip directory of files, but mostly assets and css skin files.
the good thing for haxeui is that flex also use only a subset of css3 for skining, so maybe it is almost the same?
i dont remember exactly where to find them, but a quick search got me here:
and even if some links are dead, there is still some living files like this one
flex has to redraw anything from scratch and had no native skin possibility so skins were essential. the default one was pretty enough to have clean app out of the box. the native skin for haxeui should be enough for that too.
but being able to just plug another skin and get same app with completely different visual was very interesting and usefull in flex


Heh, nice - some of those skins are pretty nice… others not so much :slight_smile:

It would be cool to have a repo of skins, thats for sure… a theming application would be pretty nice too… to allow you “easily” test and skin components… but its all time ofc


power of choice :wink:
a theming application would be nice and very very time consuming to dev, thats why im trying to get a reuse approach, trying to plug haxeUI to already existing tools and ressources (like the flex skins i mentioned, but maybe other can be used, those with tools that also use a subset of css, like react native for example, or XAML? or other? to which one haxeUI is the closest?)

for the theming tool, i found this one: it comes with an export plugin system that could be used to export haxeUI compatible files. it is not free but maybe some alternatives exists?
at least having one tool available would already be a good starting point with less efforts
im always looking for design tools that can be used by designers, and making the workflow between designers and coders as easy as possible.
for that reactjs is not a very good approach IMHO

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