Integrating With CodeMirror - Component disappears

Hello all:

I am trying to create a component using haxe-codemirror.

I tried 2 scenarios:

  1. Extend Editor component from TextArea. Use CodeMirror.fromTextArea(cast this.getTextInput().element) to generate the component.

  2. Extend Editor component from Box. Create a HTMLTextAreaElement and append it to this.element, and call CodeMirror.fromTextArea on that element.

Either way, the moment I do that the component disappears entirely from the page.

The issue seems to be because CodeMirror changes the TextArea element to display:none. But if I take out HaxeUI, CodeMirror can load just fine.

What am I missung?


Any chance you have a test app to play with? I feel like ive done this before, but couldnt find anything.