Issue installing haxeui-raylib

Hello HaxeUI community. This is my first post, and I’m new to Haxe.
I’d like to build a GUI for Linux devices without (like the RPI).
It looks like Raylib can be used to create such a GUI, and it’d be nice to use Haxe (and HaxeUI).

I followed the instructions (haxeui-raylib - HaxeUI API Docs) ; here’s the issue:

$ haxelib install haxeui-raylib
Error: Failed with error: No such Project : haxeui-raylib

Is there another way to install haxeui-raylib ?
Or is there another backend that I could use (without


hey… welcome :wave:

I thought it was on haxelib tbh, but obviously not. So you will have to use it from git:

haxelib git haxeui-raylib

Hope that helps! (Ill look to get it on haxelib when i get round to making a new haxelib release).


Thanks, something is starting to work.

I tried:
haxelib run haxeui-core create raylib
haxe raylib.hxml
and got this error:

/home/marc/haxelib/haxeui-raylib/git/haxe/ui/backend/ComponentGraphicsImpl.hx:10: characters 1-24 : Class<RayLib> has no field ImageRef
/home/marc/haxelib/haxeui-raylib/git/haxe/ui/backend/ComponentGraphicsImpl.hx:13: characters 1-26 : Class<RayLib> has no field TextureRef

I commented out the ImageRef and ImageRef imports, tried again… New error:

Error: Could not find include file "/home/marc/haxelib/raylib-haxe/1,1,0/Build.xml"

You also need the “raylib-haxe” library, which i would use from github also:

haxelib git raylib-haxe

Now it works, even when reversing my changes in ComponentGraphicsImpl.hx.
Thanks! :partying_face:
Suggestion: it’d be nice to document this installation method in the wiki (maybe it is already).

Edit: new questions…

How to compile the GUI demo as seen in the wiki:

Also, is it possible to cross-compile for the RPI?