Issue while test/run html5 project

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I just used CLI for creating brand new project with html5 backend and I’m trying to run it. However, I’m getting:

$ haxeui test html5
Building for haxeui-html5 using "haxe html5.hxml"

running: start chrome http://localhost:2000
Process creation failure : start

It seems like it’s building (I can see the files being generated in build folder), but for some reason it’s struggling with running. Am I missing something obvious or is that an issue? Also is chrome hardcoded/default in here? Because I’m pretty sure my default browser is currently Firefox.

That’s on Windows 10

$ haxe --version

$ haxelib list
haxeui-core: [1.1.2]
haxeui-html5: [1.1.1]

Thanke in advance :slight_smile:


thanks for the heads up there is obviously something wrong with the server creation as part of the CLI - iirc it uses neko tools, but ill check and fix. In the mean time, just an FYI: you dont actually need a server for haxeui-html5 - you can just run the resulting .html file…

Either way, ill fix this haxeui test html5 issue regardless.

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EDIT: or maybe you dont have chome?


thanks for quick reply.
I was wondering if that’s maybe my setup, latest windows update or something, since I haven’t seen anyone else mentioning similar issue. I definitely do have Chrome installed, maybe port 2000 is blocked or something.

Anyway, like you said it’s not the end of the world and not very high priority. It’s building fine, so I can just run the resulting .html file. Or, since I have node installed as well I just got http-server lib that just starts simple local server.

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Not sure to be honest - i think its more likely that simply no one uses the “haxeui test” command, so it might have been broken for a while - thats my guess anyway.

It makes sense to fix it regardless (and its probably something dumb that worked its way in) somehow - ill know more later this afternoon when i test it out myself.

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