Issues with flixel backend

I’m having a few issues trying to use the libraries with the flixel backend (without XML),
I am probably doing something wrong but I don’t know how to fix them.

  1. virtual items don’t work properly, when i scroll to fast it crashes,
    if i scroll to far then scroll back up the options are just gone and don’t come back,
    and the auto size cuts other objects off it does tell me in the output that I didn’t set the size but I don’t know what property that is.

  2. Windows, windows work fine they are kind of just behind a lot of my objects, not all just some.

  3. List View just didn’t have the scroll bar but it had like over 30 objects

  4. The dropdown search doesn’t work, all the assets work fine but if I type anything no matter what all of the items disappear, but if I clear the search they all appear correctly again.

Here is some of the logic I made for dropdowns:

public static var albumDropdown:DropDown;
albumDropdown = new DropDown();
albumDropdown.x = timeBar.x + 125;
albumDropdown.y = timeBar.y + albumDropdown.height + timeBar.height;
albumDropdown.width = 125;
albumDropdown.dropdownWidth = 350;
albumDropdown.searchable = false; //try this again later
albumDropdown.moves = true;
albumDropdown.virtual = false;
//albumDropdown.padding = 10;
albumDropdown.dataSource = ArrayDataSource.fromArray(albums);
albumDropdown.onChange = (_) → {

window logic:

var themeWindow:Window = new Window();
themeWindow.x = FlxG.mouse.x;
themeWindow.y = FlxG.mouse.y;
themeWindow.title = ‘Theme Editor’;
themeWindow.minimizable = false;
themeWindow.collapsable = false;
var deleteTheme:Button = new Button();
deleteTheme.text = “Delete Selected Theme”;
deleteTheme.color = FlxColor.RED;
deleteTheme.cameras = [haxeUICam];
deleteTheme.onClick = function(e) {

I can give more context if needed, Thanks!

Hi :wave:

what version of haxeui-core / haxeui-flixel? Do you experience the same on git versions? (assuming you arent on git already).

Any chance of a minimal repro that displays the issue, its kinda hard to grep from the code (which looks fine i think without the context of the application)


Thank you for helping me!

Both my versions were on 1.6.0.

After using git it sorta fixed the window issue? If you are dragging the window and your mouse hovers off of it then it stops dragging it, and it’s still behind one object but that uses a separate camera so I might be able to fix that myself.

No other issue that I had was fixed sadly and I created a repo with the source code.
The code is kind of messy sorry about that!