Little bit of rambling about HaxeUI for desktop, web and mobile

This was my first video tutorial (and first youtube upload), so the sound is a little out of sync and its a little… … … … long :slight_smile:

I will hopefully get time to make a few more in the coming future, though I havent had much time as of yet. I have some nice ideas for some basic HaxeUI concepts and general stuff. So will post in this tutorial section as and when.



This was very useful! Thanks, Ian!

Looks like, since then, scrollview2, tabview2, and switch2 have dropped the “2”.

The text size in the terminal window could be a bit larger (I can only just barely make it out at full-screen).

I didn’t think the video was too long — seemed like the right length for what you covered.

One thing that was a little confusing is that the IDE view changed when you changed between IDE project files / targets. I don’t use FlashDevelop, but it looks like you’ve got multiple instances of it open — all on one project directory, but using the different .hxproj files.