Loop in class building prevent compiler termination

C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/haxeui-core/git/haxe/ui/layouts/HorizontalContinuousLayout.hx:7: lines 7-195 : Loop in class building prevent compiler termination (haxe.ui.layouts.HorizontalLayout)

Tried to have a go at HxGodot so had to install Haxe 4.3.1, this popped up. I can’t find a whole lot about it, but some people referenced it on the Haxe repository. Just a heads up really, probably will come up in the future when you support the version.

Was using haxeui-core git and haxeui-openfl git.

Hmmm, interesting… do you have a sample project… Just to confirm, this is just haxeui-core + haxeui-openfl (git versions) ? (ie, hxgodot was just mentioned because you needed to installl 4.3.1?)

Yes, hxgodot was just the incidental motivator to install 4.3.1 . Haxeui core and openfl were on git.
I am trying to reproduce the call on a minimum example.

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Am not being able to reproduce with other code…

Is your project shareable in some form?

if you don’t mind I could send it. It’s just a middleware for a real time on air graphics software.

I mean, send away, it cant hurt, if you would prefer to not attach send to ianharrigan@hotmail.com

Sent through sendspace.
Had to cut out the graphical packs from the package because those are owned by other people.
But they are not necessary to compile or run. Thanks for looking into it.

The haxeui GH actions have start exhibing this behaviour and I cant reproduce locally… :thinking:

Can you remember of the name of the file you send, i did download it, but i cant remember the name of it now.


Can’t remember, I sent it again through sendspace.

thanks for that VMIX_TC it was the first time also :slight_smile:

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Are you running linux by chance?

Running windows 10 when I got this.

interesting… Any idea why it wont compile because of:

Error: Could not find haxelib "DateTime", does it need to be installed?

I did haxelib install DateTime but error persists.


PS: 19.8k lines in one file? :astonished:

DateTime isn’t causing it though, but it never acted up like that.

Yes, I know, but I have to keep other things going and this just bloated because having to support multiple tv on air graphic packs is insane when the makers don’t have a standard for creating them.

OK, i can compile and run the app and it work fine. Well, i get some issues, but i think that is because there are missing assets, etc… but the app runs, so thats annoying. Ill have to see if there is another way i can repro.


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Btw, if you put “Toolkit.init()” in your Main.hx you can get rid of a bunch of the warnings.

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