Manually "refresh" haxeui gui


I have some code that takes up time. It blocks the ui from updating visually which is a problem.

For html5 threads don’t seem to be the best way to go at this moment. So I was wondering…

Is there a function I can call, something like Toolkit.update(), in order to temporarily ensure the ui gets updated?

Hmmm, im not sure really, you might get away with calling syncComponentValidate, but if the UI thread is blocked, well, its blocked.

Thanks! I can’t seem to find syncComponentValidate though. Is it in haxeui?

Well, the way I understood it is that html5 on haxe does not have threads currently. So it’s probably all a big loop. I’d just repeat a part of the loop between processing stuff. It’s probably fine if it’s just UI updates. Perhaps I need to look at lime rendering on something.

I was also thinking of building something like that into showing dialogs with treeviews. Currently it takes a couple of seconds, maybe 5, before the dialog is displayed. But I could maybe write that differentlyso that the table gets created after the dialog is displayed or something.

i think he meant syncComponentValidation

Right, makes sense, thanks.

I’m more looking for a function that renders the canvas or whatever it is. So an actual redraw. I guess I’ll go digging through openfl and lime.