Openfl backend doesn't create an hxml file

Hi and Happy New Year everyone!

Testing the latest/fresh installation of haxe, haxeui-core, openfl backend (with all the dependencies).

haxelib run haxeui-core create openfl doesn’t create an hxml file. No errors are reported. The project/template is created fine otherwise.

Hi! Happy new year to you too! :slight_smile:

So, openfl doesnt use a .hxml, it has its own build system that uses an xml file (application.xml/project.xml). You should be able to run openfl test html5 in the directory that contains that .xml file.

Hope that helps,

Thanks! That helped.

There is one issue, the window doesn’t get updated during resize. I believe it is a common openfl issue:

I guess catching the window resizing event and refreshing the window should help. Although, I can only see UIEvent.RESIZE in docs. Maybe it also corresponds to real-time “resizing”.

Off-topic: what would be the go-to target for a standalone desktop app with custom themes/skins? Is it openfl? Do you use it in your demo/screens when demonstrating Windows apps? i.e. when wxWidgets is not the best option since it uses native controls so the look is not easily customizable.

Hard to tell without some sample code, but i think having your root component as 100% sized should mean it will resize automatically, ie, in xml:

<vbox width="100%" height="100%">

As for “which backend”… openfl is certainly a good option, nme, kha, heaps too… haxeui-html5 under electron / tauri also works nicely (though ofc, the app size is huge for electron).


The sample is what haxelib run haxeui-core create openfl generates, without any changes. Testing on Windows. width="100%" height="100%" doesn’t help. To clarify, the issue happens during resizing, but when the mouse button is released, the window is redrawn correctly. This is a known openfl/SDL issue as I understand:

The same happens for nme as well. Didn’t test other backends.

Oh, i see what you mean, so it does resize, but the app “pauses” updates during resize. Indeed this will be an openfl thing, and not a lot haxeui can do to mitigate it. I could be misremembering, but i thought there was a flag in project.xml to stop it… but maybe i totally imagined that.