OpenFL Text Input doesn't autoscroll on input

Here’s what I mean (I’m typing a bunch of lines):

  • happens in neko, cpp & html5 builds.
  • git versions of haxeui-core and haxeui-openfl
  • windows 10
  • haxe 4.1.2

Also you can see the text cursor seems to be offset weirdly which makes it invisible on a blank line.
Not sure if this is an issue with OpenFL itself or what.

Sample code:


import haxe.ui.HaxeUIApp;
import haxe.ui.core.Component;
import haxe.ui.macros.ComponentMacros;

class Main {
	public static function main() {
		var app = new HaxeUIApp();
		app.ready(function() {
			var mainView:Component = ComponentMacros.buildComponent("assets/main-view.xml");

<vbox style="padding: 5px;" width="100%" height="100%">
    <button text="dont Click Me!" onclick="this.text='Thanks!'" style="font-size: 24px;" />
    <dropdown text="Select"  width="100%">
            <item text="Item 1" />
            <item text="Item 2" />
            <item text="Item 3" />
            <item text="Item 4" />
            <item text="Item 5" />
            <item text="Item 6" />
    <textarea width="100%" text="Text area\nLine 1\nLine 2\nLine 3 - this line should wrap depending on settings" height="100%" />

Hmmm, my guess is its an openfl issue - ill have to confirm that a little later with a non haxeui project but if memory serves there is nothing special in haxeui-openfl that enables (or disables) that behavior, so my guess is its openfl - that said, there might be a way to workaround it, even temporarily in haxeui-openfl, but ill have to have a play.

Im not sure what you mean exactly about the cursor, do you mean its not the same height as the text? Thats also an openfl issue, text rendering in general has nothing to do with haxeui-openfl and there is fairly limited control it does have over it (same as any normal openfl lib basically).