Pdcurses Status


Trying to start with as simple as possible with pdcurses while still being useful IDE with forGL.

  1. textarea control does not show also slider control does not show
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
                <listview id="dictionaryWordsList" width="200" height="150" selectedIndex="1">
                        <item text="factorial" />
                        <item text="Faktorial" />
                        <item text="felice" />
                        <item text="\x1B[1 Fib" />
                        <item text="from" />
                        <item text="geht" />
                        <item text="into" />
                        <item text="multiply"  />
                        <item text="show" />

<hbox width="50%">
    <vbox width="100%">
        <section-header text="Output" />
                <textarea width="150" height="100%" text="1 2 6 24 120" />

This looks mostly OK using Builder but on pdcurses the ListView is at the far RIGHT and nothing else shows

Basic Layout needed for now:
Text area at TOP messages from forGL (not included in example above I was failing with)
Text area at LEFT Word definition
List control at RIGHT List of Words from forGL Dictionary
Text area at BOTTOM Output of running Verb

Really, really need working sample code of pdcurses.
Ideal if the Top, and 2 middle windows and the Bottom window can be resized as needed by user.

Saw a sample screen capture earlier BUT really need some working code on pdcurses.

Just to be clear: Using the HTML5 output to iterate and so far have the 3 TextAreas and a ListView visible with custom text generated at runtime and put into a TextArea. Thanks!

I didnt get a notification for this for some reason… :thinking:

Anyways, ill check it out - so are you saying that text areas arent working under haxeui-pdcurses?


Splitter controls seem to have defects on both HTML5 and pdcurses.
Will post how to repro in more detail presently.

I think TextArea (s) are OK on pdcurses but that was just to get it Visible and not run UI really.
After I get more functionality into HTML5 side, will be back to pdcurses for code size & Performance reasons. Right now OK with how quick the JS build is for HTML5.

Suggest that removal of Splitter quirks is main concern I think.

Making a doc about the forGL merge with HaxeUI.
The doc and the changes to support using HaxeUI will be checked in the next few days.

Then you can add a link on the web pages of Open Source projects using HaxeUI :smile: