Please consider supporting in high-resolution notebooks

The HAXE-UI display is very small under a high-resolution 4K notebook, and it does not seem to be scaled to the system resolution. Will you consider supporting it in the future?

render: haxeui-heaps

Certainly :slight_smile:

I should autoscale by itself. Can you tell us:

  • which backend
  • what resolution
  • what is the value of Toolkit.autoScale
  • what is the value of Toolkit.scaleX
  • what is the value of Toolkit.scaleY
  • what is the value of Toolkit.scale
  • what is the value of Toolkit.autoScaleDPIThreshold
  • what is the value of Screen.instance.dpi

Also, do you have simple, runnable test app? Im sure its probably going to be basic anyway, but generally it helps so i dont have to create and one and also it means we are talking about the exact same thing.


base example :haxelib run haxeui-core create heaps

  • which backend :heaps
  • what resolution 3000*2000 scale:200% ,windows10

src/Main.hx:17: Toolkit.autoScale true
Main.js:51241 src/Main.hx:18: Toolkit.scale 1
Main.js:51241 src/Main.hx:19: Toolkit.scaleX 1
Main.js:51241 src/Main.hx:20: Toolkit.scaleY 1
Main.js:51241 src/Main.hx:21: Toolkit.autoScaleDPIThreshold 120
Main.js:51241 src/Main.hx:22: Screen.instance.dpi 72

Right, heaps… that could be an issue. Im not sure haxeui-heaps supports auto scaling… it should though, so ill add it to the list.

However, another issue is that, even if haxeui-heaps did scale the scale that haxeui has calculated is “1”, i presume this is because the Screen.instance.dpi is returning 72 (which the default value).

Do you happy to know how to get the dpi from heaps?

same issue as High DPI Support · Issue #589 · HeapsIO/heaps · GitHub

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