POLL: number stepper layout change

Hi guys, so quick poll to see what people think - im considering change the number stepper to a different layout and thought (like the scrollbars) id check what other users thought first - so here is a basic mock up of some styles:


(its pretty small, sorry!). So, from the mock up above, which option below?

  • #1 Current number stepper
  • #2 Buttons pointing left / right
  • #3 Buttons moved and pointing left / right

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Buttons moved is usually better for touchscreens :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the default will be right / left buttons, but you can change it easily back to the old one (just like the scrollbars):

        <property name="haxe.ui.components.numberstepper.style" value="classic-stepper" />

Or you can just set “layout” on individual steppers / groups of steppers.

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They also fit better with the new “option stepper” component: