POLL: scrollbar default style change

So im considering changing the default styles of the scrollbars to be a little more modern and less “in the way”… However, im not 100% sure if its a good move - and since i rarely use scrollbars (as scrollbars) I thought i would open up a poll and see what others think. If i do make this change, the old scrollbar styles will still be access with a style name like “classic-scrolls” or something along those lines.


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Personally, i prefer the new ones

ive added the full images here also:




New ones are good.
I would just leave an option to include some arrow-like buttons as you never know when you need it :smiley:

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Yeah, old ones will still be available with something like:

<scrollview styleNames="classic-scrolls" />

Im also thinking about a way to make it globally configurable… something like this in a module.xml im thinking:

        <property name="haxe.ui.components.scroll.style" value="classic-scrolls" />
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