Possibility to embed haxeui in html div?


i am currently using

var app = new HaxeUIApp({container: Browser.document.getElementById('d3')});

for putting the haxeui in a specififc sub-tree of the dom

but the haxeui still tries to own the whole browserspace

is it somehow possible the have haxeui live only (relative) within a div container ?

Hmm, that should work… actually, i think that container should be in Toolkit.init… let me verify and get back to you shortly.

i could not find a good example how to do it so i tried to glimpse that from the source

Yup, you are right, its not working correctly:

I must have broken this at some point as im sure it used to work - leave it with me, ill sort it out.

Thanks for finding this :slight_smile:


looks like the main-view (topmost) component is applying a “left:0;top:0;” style for whatever reason

this is better, just need to test out a few more things before i commit it


OK, that should be fixed now in latest haxeui-html5 - simple fix in the end :slight_smile:

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since i am a newbie with haxe and haxelib … what do i need to do ? upgrade to 1.4.1 ?

I would advise using the git version, i dont release that often (though i should probably get into the habit!) - generally git version is going to better anyway:

haxelib git haxeui-core https://github.com/haxeui/haxeui-core
haxelib git haxeui-html5 https://github.com/haxeui/haxeui-html5

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

thanks you very much !

release early and often.

Yeah, using git is also a good way to make things work before making actual release though. I would probably think that most haxe users (not just haxeui users) use git version of libs… maybe not most, but certainly a huge %.

Also, releasing haxeui is a pain… :smiley: i mean, its not hard hard, but it involves releasing a bunch of separate libs. I have it mostly automated, but its still not a 10 second job. And ive screwed it up before by rushing…

i am basically using maven and ant to automate any build process, which includes even installing haxe and friends from scratch for a clean build environment

maybe i will write a dedicated maven-plugin or ant-task for haxelib along the lines that the nodejs (npm) javascript builder and packager is working

There is this: GitHub - ianharrigan/haxe-maven-plugin: maven plugin for haxe transpilation

But i havent looked at it in ages, and didnt need it in the end.

(i think there are a few others knocking about too iirc)