Resize icon inside a button

I have an image I’m using as button icon but it is a 400x400, while the button should be 20x20
I can resize it as an <image> but how can I do it as a <button> icon ? Is there a way ?

<button id="settings" height="20" width="20" icon="${theme.icon('cog')}" />
#settings .icon {
    width: 20px;
    height: 20px;


Maybe you can play with the padding also? What are you trying to achieve? A small icon in a button? Or an image that behaves like a button?

this one :grin:
Just trying … before it was an image
<image id="settings" height="20" width="20" resource="assets/icons/cog.png" verticalAlign="center"/>

ok, still have to try to add some styles