ScrollView help is needed

Hi there.

I need help, please.

I need to get the following behavior of tabContainer:

  • the initial tabContainer height must be no more than the scrollwview content’s height
  • however, tabContainer can expand to a maximum of 100% allowed by its parent
  • if tabContainer in height already occupies all the free space of the ancestor, then further expansion is not happening, but scrolling appears
<box id="tabContainer">
    <scrollview scrollMode="inertial" percentContentWidth="100%" height="100%" contentLayoutName="horizontal">

I’m honestly confused in all these height:auto, percentContentWidth, initialHeight and other. And cannot get to desirable result.


so its hard to fully “understand” the UI from the image, but does something like this make sense? (keep in mind its just something ive thrown together real quick):

There is a slight pixel issue in the scrollview ive noticed, but i think its just a rounding error.

That the sort of thing you are after? Whats the app btw? Im liking the look of it, even with the blurred parts :slight_smile:


EDIT: what backend is this?

Hi Ian,

thanks a lot for your attention. It’s almost what I wanted but… I had the similar result in one of my attempts. The problem is that the bottom has rounded corners. It’s not so round in original. But in playground variant I made them more expressive. So these corners should not dive out of screen.

EDIT: backend is openfl-canvas
p.s. I will send you app link to PM.

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