Simple browser-based app example, with server component?

I’d like to create a simple webapp that multiple users can log into and assign values to existing list items (like an online pot-luck sign-up sheet), but I need a little guidance. The app would require a back-end on the server, with some data stored in a db.

My guess is that haxeui-html5 would be good for this.

I asked about this on the main Haxe community forum, but more specifically for HaxeUI, what’s an easy way to have a HaxeUI app in the browser communicate with a back-end? I only currently know a tiny bit of JS.

Also, is a Haxe->PHP back-end a reliable way to go? Any other options I’d love to hear them.


You would probably need to use hxnodejs. The lib uses node so you could then look up how to make a server with node(there are probably loads of tutorials). In regards to how it would interact with haxeui you would just need to bind server calls to your UI. You should use the UIEvents and MouseEvents to do that I.e. onClick of your button you will have a function that will pack the data and send it. When the server will change you would need to ping the listeners of the server. There its just your server sending the changed data to your users. In your haxeui app, a listener function would be waiting, when pinged it would re populate the data locally then you would need to send that data to the UI. Say it is a listview you would just need to do listview.dataSource = newpackeddata. The complexity will probably come from the server creation and where you will want it to live not from the ui.


Thanks, mundusnine. Will look at Node and hxnodejs.