Sizing issues on Android

I’ve seen a couple of “target” specific threads so I’m opening this new one.

I’m facing some issues using percentage sizing on android for frame

I have a very simple view for test purpose

<vbox verticalAlign="center" width="100%" height="100%" styleName="default-background">
<frame text="test" width="20%" style="margin-left:5px;margin-right:5px;">
    <label text="TESTTEST"/>

I set 20% to be able to see the border and to be sure it isn’t a border rendering issue

This is what I get

Are you using latest git versions? I feel like fixed this very recently.


Last week one I guess

Can you pull latest git versions of haxeui-core and haxeui-openfl just to be sure?

I did it via haxelib, It should be ok, isn’t it ?

haxeui-core: 1.2.3 [git]
haxeui-openfl: 1.2.3 [git]

I’ll try to pull from git anyway

Well … this is fun :grin:
The update did nothing neither the pull

By mistake I’ve added a child (below) to the view up here and it worked
I removed the child … and it still works. I’ll try to clean the build folder later to recompile from scratch to se if it was just a cache issue

<frame text="settings">
<vbox style="padding:5px">
    <hbox horizontalAlign="right">
        <label id="close" text="X" />
    <grid horizontalAlign="right">
        <label text="ip address" verticalAlign="center"/>
        <textfield id="ip-address" />

        <label text="user" verticalAlign="center"/>
        <textfield id="user" />

        <label text="password" verticalAlign="center"/>
        <textfield id="password" password="true"/>