[Slider] Some problem on android with events and position

I’ve noticed a couple of “glitches” targeting android.
Just listing it here to check if are bugs or if I did something wrong :smiley:

  • When you slide left to the bottom, and you keep sliding left since there is still some “screen real estate” available, you can set negative “value” even if the slider thingy stops.
    The problem persist even if you set min=“0”

  • If you don’t explicitly set max=“100” the slider seems to set 99 as top value
    This seems to be related to the mystery below :slight_smile: It just came up to my mind after I posted

  • Then there is an “IT mistery” :grin: … I don’t think it has something to do with haxeui but, it’s funny
    I’ve seen that sliding to the top is setting value 100, but then the value used for my “stuff” was 99
    (no problem on neko) so I supposed was an issue with rounding, but …

I have this events

        this.brightness.onDragEnd = function(e) {
            trace('value:'+e.target.value); //value: 100

        private function changeBrightness(value) 
           trace('bright:'+Std.string(value)); //bright:99 <- WHAAAAT ?!
           trace('bright-round:'+ Std.string(Math.round(value>0?value:0))); //bright-round:99

Well , long story short, remember … set the D@#*N type :slight_smile:

	   private function changeBrightness(value:Float) 

No problem with values like 45.124384563 , it just goes nuts with 100 :grin:

Hmmm, ill check out these a bit later… some seem… … … odd.