Styling via code

I have question regarding the styling of a component via code.
I currently try to use component.customStyle to set the style. It seems to work for something like fontsize, but does not seem to have any effect when trying to set borderStyle, borderSize and borderColor.

My current guess is I am setting the wrong kinds of values

var layout = new Absolute();
layout.customStyle.borderStyle = "solid";
layout.customStyle.borderSize = 1;
layout.customStyle.borderColor = Color.fromString("black").toInt();

you need to (currently) invalidate the component style after setting, so, layout.invalidateComponentStyle() should work. I plan on fixing this in a later version (haxeui v2, after v1.7 - but it will involve a number of breaking changes, so it wont happen for a while)

Hope that helps,

Doesn’t seem to work for border.
But I got it to work with the scoped Stylesheet parse. Actually, then even the some of the norder customStyles work and are able to override the Stylesheet parsed styles.
Funny interaction.