TImeline with Keyframes

Been using the Stable Diffusion AI image generation, I’ll call it kitware, it’s all very loose on github.
There’s a particular animation extension that allows for animation with schedules. Now these people are deciding to throw away around 30 years of UI experience that points to timelines with keyframes being the solution to the problem, going as far as having formula fields with matplotlib for vizualisation… I don’t even know, I tried breaking it to them but soon found out it’s one of those situations. I don’t care anymore, thing is being built and half of them hate it already. Soon to be followed by those that will find out what it is when it is built.

Anyways, can I build a timeline with keyframes using haxeui or would I be stretching it past its intent.
Just asking for an opinion before I try to byte more than I can chew.

So there is a very simple “AnimationBuilder” that is keyframe based, but its very new, and very likley isnt what you are looking for / talking about. It interpolates values between a start and end, but thats about it.

Not sure if that helps at all?

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It’s a good start and I wasn’t aware of it. Looking into it.
Thanks Ian.