Congrats for the forum Ian !
I’m just wondering about something like . That would be super cool !
Here a example with something "extremely ugly " but working.

P.S. This topic is just for reminder for some sunny day

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Funny you should mention that. I knocked up a prototype over a weekend a while ago and it kinda… … grew :slight_smile:

Certainly something im going to continue working on!


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As for a type thing, i think the above will still work fine… it will start off with a Main.hx and a main.xml and then you can go from there… or can add even more “stuff”… in fact… it doesnt have to even be a haxeui project.

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Looks really great !
It looks like a online Haxe IDE . I can’t wait to try it .
What do you think about ? There will be store where everyone can add styles ( for buttons, scroolbars, text, etc. ) for free or even can be a store where designer can sell game UI ?
Or something like showcase.haxeui where everyone can publish haxeui styles.
Sorry, you just can ignore me. , I write first and then think.

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All feasible ideas, for sure. Main this at thing point is to make sure new-component-method is stable and working well across all backends and then get back to some serious tooling, utils, etc.

Main concern is that i dont want to squander what little resources (time) i have by having to manage and maintain a load of disparate systems.

Certainly food for thought though! Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:


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When you have a user base, they will surprise you with their creativity and efforts. But to attract user base, there needs to be a stable core