Virtual keyboard is not shown on mobile, when input textfield is focused in

HTML5 target on Huawei mobile browser
Link to browser

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<vbox width="100%">
    <grid width="100%">
        <label text="First Name:" verticalAlign="center" />
        <textfield width="100%" />

        <label text="Last Name:" verticalAlign="center" />
        <textfield width="100%" />

        <label text="Sex:" verticalAlign="center" />
        <dropdown width="100%" text="Unspecified">
                <item value="Male" />
                <item value="Female" />
                <item value="Unspecified" />

        <label text="DoB:" verticalAlign="center" />
        <dropdown text="Unspecified" type="date" width="100%" />

Does the same happen in a non-haxeui app? I mean, just openfl with a textfield in it? Does the virtual keyboard appear then?


Yeah, the same thing with openfl TextField.

var t = new TextField();
t.border = true;
t.type = TextFieldType.INPUT;

I’ll report it in openfl forum.

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